Thursday, March 30, 2017

Carnival Cruise Part QUATRO

After one last good by party and a fun Rock Concert it was time to say good bye to our beautiful ship. This party was fun to see. All the staff came down and we got to clap for them. It's incredible how many people it takes to run a ship and we are grateful for them! 
 The last show was lots of fun! Mostly because I got to stay in my comfy chair and enjoy it! They did a great job with the Rock songs.

 Goodbye to Alex! He was part of what made the cruise fun. His job is not easy being everywhere at once and always being upbeat and energetic but he was awesome. And since we were like family by the end of the cruise I had to score a selfie with him. He explained to us on the way out that they had about 2 hours before the next cruise started and people would begin to board! What a crazy busy life he has!

 We woke up back at the port in Long beach and waited a good hour in line to get off the ship. We were tired but happy. I easily could have spent a few more days on board. 3 days is too short! But I knew what we had waiting for us at home.
 Good bye Imagination! Until next time! Thanks for keeping us safe, happy and full. And for the once in a life time experiences. We WILL be back!
 We were able to catch an earlier flight home to see our sweet babes but we flew into a SNOW STORM of course and the turbulence was awful! Like bounce off your seat into the persons lap next to you BAD! The pilot kept trying descend but would rise again to try a different spot I guess. It was so bumpy and it was the first time I got motion sick. The poor man next to me I thought was going to die. He was huffing and puffing and gripping the seat and that was making more nervous than anything! When we landed everyone on board clapped and cheered. Thank heavens! Then we stepped out of the airport into sideways blowing snow. :( Can we go back now?

The huge hugs we got when we walked through the door were priceless and just what I needed to ground me again. It was a little difficult adjusting back to our schedules for everyone but we did it. We are so grateful to the Farris family and to Chad's parents for making this trip possible. It was a much needed get away and I'm so glad we went! I love that I had FOUR straight days of no interruptions, schedules or pick-up/drop-offs. It was just us. Getting to enjoy each others company and fall in love all over again. Love you Chad. Thanks for making it all happen!

The next day was spent just like this. She wouldn't leave me alone at all and always wanted held. Which I was ok with. While I felt completely rested and refreshed there wasn't much else I'd rather be doing.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Carnival Cruise Part TRES

When we got back from our excursion we were MUDDY!! So right to the showers we went to get all spiffied up for our elegant evening. I expected it to be low key and relaxed. This is the part of the cruise things got CRA CRAY! 
Here we are in doing our fancy selfies. We sneaked in a call to the kids really quick before we headed out on the town...or ship....but they all sounded really happy and were having a blast. 
 We went to our fancy dinner and met a nice couple. Dinner was ok....not really great like I was imagining...but I'm a salad bar type of gal.
 After dinner we hit the Karaoke bar! Chad said if they had his Buddy Holly song that he would sing (thinking of course they wouldn't have it). I went to check and they did! And after lots of frowny faces and puppy dog eyes he finally got up there to do it. Its GREAT if you've never seen this impression. It usually only comes out around HIS side of the family. Still, he held back, but it was fun nonetheless and he had the crowd clapping and singing right along!
 By this time on the cruise the "Mormons" were our besties! I wish I could remember their names...i think her's was Megan...they were from CA. We went to sit by them....and man I wish we would of picked a different seat! We were headed to watch the DIVAS show (like a concert from famous lady singers) and I was excited to sit back and relax and watch the show.
 YOU GUYS! We don't do this kind of stuff. Chad and I are both watchers. We like to sit back and watch other people make fools of themselves. Alex., the cruise director, asked for some volunteers. Our friends were going nuts so we of course went nuts along with them, He wouldn't pull them up on stage because they did the sticky ball contest but because of how the lights were he couldn't tell we had also already been up and he called me and Chad to the stage! We were asked to race another couple in a dress making contest with a single long piece of silk. It was first demonstrated by a very GAY man and then we had 1 minute to do it. Here we go......!!!!!
 He wrapped, twisted, tucked and I tried to keep my dress from hiking up to show off those wonderful G's! But mostly I just had to stand there. I can do that. Easy Peasy.

 When the time was up, the crowd showed by round of applause who had the best dress. With help from the loudest cheers from the mormon section Chad and I won....but really I had the best dress!"Phew! We made it. I'm done we can go sit back down and enjoy the show." UMMM NOPE! He then had Chad make a run on the catwalk and then asked me to kick him off the stage! What is HAPPENING?! Alex then went to explain that because I had won the contest I was being picked to go back stage and get all dolled up by the stage crew and BE IN THE PERFORMANCE WITH THE DIVA SHOW.................................................. um what? This is not something I do. I cant. I'm mormon. What are they going to make me wear.......and there I go off the stage with out being able to fully comprehend what was coming!
 They whisked me off stage into pitch black darkness. There were tons of people around I could sense but I couldn't see. Lots of people grabbed my hands and arms and guided me through the dark saying step over this, turn here, be careful until we got to a very bright room! The makeup room! They threw 3 things at me to quickly put on and a pair of black wedges. Told me to get dressed and then they'd do hair and makeup. I have to say that part was fun but as they explained what I had to do the nerves set it! " I was a cheerleader" I thought, " I can do this...I do zumba...I've got some moves. Oh crap...I really don't have moves...I just pretend to." All was going through my head. "What if I fall? What if I freeze? I have to dance with boys....I haven't done that since college! Oh we go!" There was no time to back out.  I'm not a lipstick gal but I liked the color they put on!

Not as immodest as it looks...there was under clothing but the dress came to my knees and I wore legging under it. Still not something I would be caught dead in otherwise.
 They told me I would walk down the cat walk to the end. 2 guys would come dance with me, do a few turns, turn around and walk back and then strike a pose. Well I didn't know it but the video footage (which is only for a few elect people who can see) shows the 2 guys totally gettin down and dirty behind me! UGH! I guess that is "their way" of dancing. As uncomfortable as everything was, I felt amazing and famous and it was a fun feeling. I didn't care too much when I was done how I looked...just that I let loose and did it.

Right as it was over I was escorted to the stairs to pose for a picture with the cast. AMAZING AGAIN! It was so fun to meet them all. I got to meet the 2 guys who I danced with and walked me down the catwalk back stage and they were cool and had fun accents.

It was a fun experience but I think next time I'll be a little more reserved for what ever I volunteer for!! 
This was just a picture we had taken and later bought of our elegant evening. I love everything about it! 
Until next time carnival! We want to go with friends next time. I think it would add to the fun-ness for sure!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Carnival Cruise Part DOS!

Saturday morning we woke up in Mexico! At 8:30 we were off the ship ready to go ride some buggys! Here's Ensenada in the back ground. A very poor community that thrives off of tourism.  It was beautiful nonetheless. 
 The boat at port. We immediately went through customs and had our bags checked and a sniff down my a dog looking for drugs, fruit and food. All the buses were parked there to take people to their excursions. We were surprised to see a Topless Bus sign!!
 We hopped on our bus that took us about 45 minutes out of town to a beautiful winery. We got a little tour of the city on our way and it was really interesting. It was really pretty and I'd love to go see in durring their vine season.

 The winery where we started our buggy tour.
 There they are!! Pretty buggies all in a row!
 A palm tree selfie!
 Panoramic of the winery.
 Grape fields.
 Because of all the rain they've had the advised us to wear protection on the ride. They warned us of some big puddles so I geared up.
 We looked awesome.
 Chad decided at the last minute he wanted to wear a rain coat and I'm glad he did!

 We got the pink car and met some friends who actually went to school with our nephew in Washington! Small world. They were fun but cussed like sailors. Especially when they got splashed!
 PEACE! Here we go!
 VERRRYYY muddy ride! Mud puddles came up to our waist! It swallowed one of the cars and he was seriously stuck! After 45 min of waiting, 1 broken rope and a bumper pulled out of the dark hole we were off again! The tour guides were so awesome and while it could have been a downer situation, we all had a blast!
 These tiny little flowers were everywhere! And I loved seeing lemon and orange trees and tons of olive trees and rose bushes everywhere we went!
 Of course we had to document what we looked like when the ride was over! I dont know what is in that mud but it stained my new clothes and I dont think I'll ever get my Roxy shoes clean again! But it was TONS of fun!

 Coming down the hill back to Ensenada! The infrastructure was sad and amazing at the same time!

 Because of our muddy experience which was a city tour and shopping we missed our 2nd excursion but our shuttle dropped us off in town anyway and we got to shop our way back to the ship. It was fun to see all cute shops and eat some incredible .99 tacos! YUM! Some things I saw were so shady and gross I wish I could un-see! We were even offered a free shot of tequila in a shop! The owner admitted it was his marketing scheme! HA! But such is life. After getting a new purse (that started out at $120 that I heckled down to $30!) and some gifts for our kids we headed back to the ship and I was glad to be there! Ibuprofen and real vanilla were some other things we bought along the way.
 Some sea lions were sun bathing right on the rocks by our ship. Sadly, that was the only wildlife we saw along the way. I was so hopefull to see a dophin or something! But it was still cool. On the way back to the ship we saw a lady eat pavement hard! I'm hoping it was just too much to drink on the wine tour but she looked messed up! I was glad to not be a drinker on this ship because it is DANG expensive and you are drunk the whole time so how do you truly enjoy it all! Plus how could the mexicans get you to buy anything?!
Good Bye Ensenada! It was fun, but I think next time I will go for something more tropical!