Monday, August 28, 2017

End of Summer shenanigans

We said all summer we were going to get a tramp so we figured with one week left of summer we better make good on our promise! The kids were so excited and have absolutely loved it! They jump on it almost every evening and Rylee is probably the most obsessed with it. She thinks it's hers and doesn't want to share. No broken bones yet!

 I came home one summer day to beebee holes in my door and flag door decoration. I asked our neighbors to check their surveillance video and she agreed. When she came home from work she saw a box of beebees right by the door and knew immediately who had done it. Her sons are a little shenanigan-ish. and they both came over to appologize. They promised us a new door but they moved today (9-16-17) and we never saw a new door. Oh well. I'm just happy they are gone.
 There's been lots of sprinkler under the tramp days! Expecially since our neighbors also got a trampoline and so they bounce back and forth from house to house.
 Just another summer morning in Tooele!
 And this was a super fun day with a bunch of neighbor kids over to swim. I had to capture the time hop as they all jumped from the wall! Their faces and laughter were the best to hear! Goodbye summer! You've been so good to us! Again, I felt like we didn't squeeze in enough fun and start to panic the last week before school, but then I have to remind myself that we had a wonderful summer and I'm ready for a routine!!! Hooray for school!

Friday, August 25, 2017


The t-shirt says it all. Alot of days are hard. REALLY hard and I wonder if this mommin' stuff is for me. But then you have those sweet moments that make you forget every bad moment. And your love grows for your kids even more. And yes some days you have to have caffeine to get through....or chocolate. But it doesn't change that I love them SOOOO much. They have molded me and changed me into someone I didn't know I could be. And I'm better for it. Not every day. Some days I'm a flat out grouchy basket case. But I'm trying. I try to be present. And show them all the love I can give them. And just HOPE they turn out ok. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fun new friends!

We were devastated a little when the Eash's had to move from their house because their landlord decided to sell! Of course we still have them here in Tooele but don't see them near as much. I had a few lonely days and started praying hard to meet some new friends. Someone I could just click with right away.  As irony may have it, they moved into the Eash's Home! Meet the Ogilvies!
She is my age and her name is Alexa and her husbands name is William. They are fantastic and she is so much fun! I requested her as my new Visiting Teacher partner and right away we clicked! 

One of the first times we hung out she invited us to her birthday party to go paddle boarding on a small lake and to the drive it! This was a fun one I captured of her and her hubby!
 She took tons of shots of us on the lake and it was so peaceful and fun!
 Me and Carter even got standing up!

 There's Chad standing!

 And we saw Cars 3 at the drive in! It was a great night.
 I'm so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who sent me a good friend that i needed so badly. She is so perfectly what I needed in a friend I know it was an answer to prayer. A few days later I couldn't wait to hang out again so we headed over to 7 peaks fun center with the kids since there was only a week left of summer!

 The other bonus is that our 3 year old daughters clicked right away too and have quickly become best buddies. They run and hug eachother every time they see each other. They are so cute! Here is Brielle and Brighton!
Yay for new fun friends!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Tooele Fair

While Carter was at basketball camp we took the girls to the fair! We started out with some face painting and a petting zoo. And hit a few photo ops. 

 Then hit the carnival! It was so fun watching Brielle and Rylee enjoy everything they did!
This train was by far the favorite of Rylee's.

 And the cars.
 Chad and I both rode this ride. It made me sick quickly but it was a lot of fun! And silly to watch everyone get squished!
 The night ended with a few grumpy tired girls but we were glad we went!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

These girls

 Oh these girls! They keep me SO busy every day! They always want to play and I try to as much as I can but I'm SO glad that they know how to and enjoy playing with each other! There were just too many cute ones to pass up for the blog book
 Brielle calls this "mini style!" it totally cracks me up. They both are SO funny. And its even funnier to see Ry copying exactly what Bri does.

 Rylee went through a shoe month where everynight after I tucked her in, she's get out of bed and put shoes on before she fell asleep. Silly girl.
 One day we had doughnuts for lunch. These girls LOVE doughnuts.
 And here is my cereal and milk eater. I may have already posted this but she still eats this almost every day for breakfast and loves it. She is so funny!
 Oh the phones! This girl thinks any phone is hers, but especially mine! She likes to fight with me and say "no my pone!"
 And the hair! Well its out of control. She often comes to me, parts her hair with her hands, and says "see you!" But sometimes its done and she takes plenty of selfies when it is!

Bri amazes me every day at how she can sit and focus and play with small figurines for HOURS. None of my other kids have been able to do that. She loves potato heads, legos, magnets, polly pockers, littlest pet shop, etc etc! She loves to play with toys!
 And she loves to wrestle her brother. On this particular day she somehow got her dress over Carter's head and trapped him in it. We all were laughing so hard!
I knew it would be challenging bringing these 2 girls into my life so close together but I know it was inspired and I know they needed eachother. They are so close and take care of each other so much. They are kindred spirits for sure. I love them all so so much.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Carter's First Basketball camp

The last week of July, Chad signed Carter up for a basketball camp in Idaho. Arco of all places! All the ones in Utah are WAY packed and we hoped he'd get more one on one time sending him to a small town. 
 He was so excited to get to spend a whole week with G&G Hymas! I was surprised when the night before there were a LOT of tears. But I knew as soon as we were out of sight the grandparent spoiling would start as soon as we were gone. And I was right. Evelyn sent me a few shots of the camp.
 He came home with some new heros, new skills, and signed shoes from his coach.

As soon as he walked through the door he was anxious to show me his new muscles he got during the camp. :) I sure was glad to have him home! He's my sanity most days! He may have come back with a little bit of an attitude after being spoiled all week! But I was so glad he was in such good hands. We would call at night to try to talk to him and he was out back at grandmas every single night riding the motorcycle.  He definitely kept busy and had a blast.