Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Prep and sickies

Our darn tree. It's huge and its "pre-lit." Not. This year we decided to tackle the HUGE job of de-lighting our 9 ft. tree. UGH it was not fun. After about 4 hours of just Chad and I working on it we got it done!
 Chad did a lovely job on the lights as always. We always get lots of compliments from it.
 We bought some new LED lights and Chad went to work fixing up the tree. And the next day I got to decorate it!

 Amid all of this fun, Carter caught the f'lu and Mollie got strep. On this particular visit we were there for Mollies checkup. Carter then puked all over the floor of the doctor office and I quickly cleaned it up. When Dr Rich came back in I explained what had happened. He asked if he had been tested for the, i didn't even know that was a thing. Sure enough! Full blown positive test, FLU! UGH!
 Which later had me like this.....
 And then I NEEDED to get out of that house! So me and my girls took a night off to go to the Festival of Trees. Such a great way to kick off the season!

 All trees I thought My kiddos would like.
 Here's the crew! Love these wonderful ladies!
 And a little better shot of all of us! Annette, Emily, Lola, Billie, Nannette, Alex and Me!

 Thanks girls for the fabulous fun night! It was much needed!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

t-day part 2

Last year the competition was a pie competition...this year it was a Make your own turkey competition. This was my creation. A turkey veggie tray!

 Grandma and Grandpa had lots of fun activities set up for the grandkiddies. They loved the coloring tablecloth.

 After our yummy meal we had a turkey shoot! G&G's creation.

 Everyone got to throw darts to pop a balloon. Every balloon had some money in it and there was one with a $5 bill.

 G&G sandwich!
 To calm them down after that we sang some songs. I love that they love to sing Gethsemane every time they get together.
 A little beer water pong was played after the littles were in bed.
 Adam's creation we ate for breakfast! Turkey cinnamon rolls with bacon feathers! YUM!
 Later in the day we headed to the church for some more fun! Turkey bowling!

 And Jordan's creation was a turkey pinata!

 All the kids got turns...Carter cracked it open and we let Greyson finish it off.
 Justin's creation was some cake-pie-in! (Last year he made pie cake-in!)

 And it wouldn't be a trip to grandmas without some wig pictures!

 We had a lovely time at my moms. I really love how everyone is doing so much better at pitching in and helping out to make our get togethers so much better. Love spending time with the fam!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Turkey Day part 1

We kicked off our Thanksgiving festivities with a pint sized preschool feast. It was so fun seeing Brielle have a little dinner with her friends. WE LOVE PRESCHOOL!
 When Chad got off work we headed out to Moore to be with the Hymas' for thanksgiving day. Grandma let the kids dig into the craft supplies and were thoroughly entertained while we prepared the feast.

 Of course there were lots of 4 wheeler rides in the freezing cold.

And even a stop to the Moore park. Evelyn prepared a lovely dinner as usual and Chad was alot of help....

 We sat down to a lovely dinner with Brett and Mason and all shared things we were grateful for.
 A little football was played.
 And naps were taken.

 And so were silly selfies.

 And it wouldn't be a trip to Moore without alot of pinochle played! We had a good time playing with Brett and Mason. Me and Mase cleaned house!