Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finally some good weather!

When the weather finally started turning a corner we were itching to get out and be outside! Chad and I were also asked to be a Ma & Pa on the stake trek this year. So we had to break in our new shoes and find a few hikes to take our trek family on. Yes there's still snow up in our mountains but it was so refreshing to get out in nature! One reason I like where we live is this right here! Hiking and camping in my back yard!
 We took the kids along for a short hike and they all loved being outside too.
 And with warm weather comes the annual water balloon fight waiting for dad as soon as he pulled int he driveway! These kids! They orchestrated this all on their own and had a whole bowl of balloons filled up before I was even out of bed!  As you can see,  the kids got the worse end of it all!

 Come on nice weather! We are itching for you to be here!!!!

Fantastic Friday

No it wasn't just a great was a MAJOR craft day that I, as the enrichment coordinator, was in charge of! I thought at first oh yes this will be fun and easy enough. WRONG! There is SOO much work that goes into these ward craft days so I was really glad to have a supportive husband who helped me for hours in the garage cutting, sanding and edging block after block to make this a successful night! 
 And it was just that! We had a really good turnout I thought and so many cute crafts were made! Here's a few fun pictures from that night.

 Dinner was soup and bread bowls which was of course delish!

I didn't know it yet, but I soon would be called to a new calling but I will be relieved to not have to do another one of these nights although I did really enjoy it! It's just ALOT of work!


I'm getting up there in years! 8 away from 40!!! I wasn't expecting too much for my birthday because Chad would be working a little late and we were struggling to make plans to go out but I was surprised when I woke up to donuts from Chad on the counter!
 He let me open my workout shoes I got for my birthday the night before so I ate some donuts and strapped them on to go workout!

 The kids showered me with love and cards and sweet things but I couldn't open gifts till Chad got home.
 I was spoiled by Chad and the kids quite nicely and got ANOTHER pair of Chucks that I LOVE!

 That evening Chad didn't have to work too extra late and our friends decided they could meet us for dinner so we went to Red Robin ....YUMMMM! And just ate and chatted. It was a perfect day. Sometimes the simple things are the best things. I'm grateful to this man who treats me so well and chose me to be his wife. I'm one lucky (AND BLESSED) lady.

Fun with kids

Yuck! This spring weather has not been fun with lots of snow and rain still! So we put our Groupons from mom from Christmas to helping us have some indoor fun! First up was mini golf and bowling! This was a really fun course and the kids loved the lights and fun creatures. 

 Brielle tried so hard but eventually figured out she just needed to get the ball in the hole...with the club or not!

 My little cheesers!
 The girls have rediscovered makeup since they now have a new subject to decorate! UGH! This work of art was done by Brielle herself.
 We also went out one day for haircuts to cookie cutters just because we were bored! The kiddos sure looked cute when they were done!
 We made a few trips to the West Valley Rec Center which is always a good time. Mol is quite the little rock climber and she's fearless.

 We had yet another groupon to The Bounce House in Provo with our friends the Eash's. So we took off on a blustery day to go have some fun. They had tons of cute stuff and even the adults got in on it!

 I think Sam laid here for several minutes before getting up. We all did it and realized we are all too old for stuff like this.
 A quick meal at Wendy's and we were off! Sure love these fun friends who are up for anything anytime!
 And lastly...our little one is starting to get quite independent. Thats FOUR pairs of underwear she was sporting on TOP of her dress and tights. Silly girl! And no I'm not going to potty train you any time soon because I'm still scarred from Brielle's stubbornness!

Some fun things in March

Carter started flag football for his second year and he is in the Chiefs team with some good buddies. He's been thriving and learning and improvingg so much. He played alot of defense at the beginning of the year and pulled lots of flags and worked his way up to playing offense and scoring a touch down often when he got the ball. Sure proud of this boy! 

 We got to be home for grandpa Reed's birthday this year and everyone was there but Tony. It's always fun to get together with all the cousins and make memories. Grandpa had a grand idea of having a sleepover in a fort and turned the front room into a blanket fortress. Good times.

 Grandpa Dog Pile!
 The following weekend we had the Farris kids at our house for the whole weekend. They took our kids for our cruise and so we were repaying the favor. I was excited for Janna and Sean to be able to have a weekend together. They really deserve it and are good people I look up to.

 Rylee would walk around and say " Ra-Ra (Sarah)" It was so cute to see them become friends.
 Chad had fun with the twins doing boy stuff and teasing them about which one was which. And I think Ry and Ra could pass for twinners too!

 These kids were so well behaved and we love them to death! You never would have known there were 10 kids under our roof for 24 hours! It was so much fun!