Friday, September 15, 2017

Carter turns 9!

And just like that another year has past and my baby boy is NINE! He wanted a long board and a minecraft birthday this year. 

 He put the long board to good use right away!
 It was a school day so I got to take cookies into share and hear the class sing to him in Portuguese! I always love that.
 I was pretty happy with how his cake turned out! It's a minecraft island.
 I didn't really need to plan entertainment because they were having a blast beating eachother up on the tramp. I should have known.
 Although we did squeeze in a few games.

 Present time is always exciting. And even more so when you get THREE of the same lego set. He took them back to walmart to by a big lego set!
 Later that evening we had pizza and more family gifts.
 His G&G Hymas know him well....mangos, money and candy.
 A new drone was fun for the big boys to play with.
All in all I think he had a great day. Time flies so fast all the time and I don't think it will ever slow down. Can't believe he will be double digits next year!! Sure love you Carter and am proud of the boy you are becoming. You are always thoughtful and helpful and kind to everyone. Thank you for being you.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Finally Brielle's first day!

For the 2 weeks that the older kids were already in school, Brielle asked every day if it was her turn yet to go to Preschool. It was a happy day when I could finally tell her today is the day!! It was a little emotional for me since I've always been a little extra protective of her but she was so ready to go and I knew she'd be in good hands with Miss Lori!
 And she is SO adorable!
 Look at that smile and cute hair!
 Here she is by the door getting ready to go in! I think she was a little nervous but still excited!
 Here she is at her table!
 She goes Wed and Fri from 9-11:30 so me and Rylee get a little one on one time. Today we sat and ate breakfast and watched tv. (Because I've been waiting for this day to feel like I actually have a break with school being back in!)
 After we picked up Bri we went for ice cream at Maceys. Sure do love this free spirited little independent girl! She is so much fun and anyone who meets her tells me what a delight she is!
You are the sweetest little Bri! Mom loves you SO much!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A special pack meeting

For Pack meeting one evening the leaders had a vet come and retire a flag. The wind was blowing and so they ended up cutting it up instead of burning it. It took quite a while and it was a chore trying to teach the kids the sacredness of the nature and that they were to do it reverently, but it ended up being a really cool experience!

 Then Carter was awarded his WOLF! I'm sure proud of him and his accomplishments and so grateful for his amazing leader Sis Vance.

Sure love him!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Part 2: Thunder Junction

With it being so hot we knew we needed to beat the heat! On our last day there we found a cute new park called Thunder Junction! It's a fun dino themed water park. 

 The down side, some of these slides were HOT!
 And Bri was sad she couldn't slide.

But that all went away when we found the toys in the shade!

 Even G&G Reed enjoyed some swings!

 And this cute little train that took us around the park was so cute.

 Then off the water fun we went!
 Things felt much better in the water. Rylee took a while to adjust but eventually was having a blast.
 The other kids though were going crazy in the water.

 Such a cute splash pad.
 And such a cute guy right here!
 The brothers even found a toy to ride.

 After a big lunch at Golden Coral it was time for our fun to end and head back home. You KNOW its been a good trip when it looks like this on the ride home! I'm SO glad we got to take this vacation. I came back ready to tackle the world. Until we meet again St. George!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A St. George birthday surprise!

In April of this year I started having some thoughts. One of my little brothers was turning 30 and I asked him what he was doing for it and he said he would probably be working or sleeping or doing school. LAME! I jumped into action and started planning a family surprise birthday party for him. It went better than I could have imagined. Over labor day we loaded up and headed to the red rock city. 
 We stopped at an Air B&B we had rented for the weekend and put up a few decorations then everyone met at Red Robbin for the surprise. Everyone was able to come except Justin's family. Here we are all hiding as they were walking in.
 SURPRISE!!! I think he really was surprised about ALL of us being there and he immediately started worrying about where we were all going to stay since they live in a 1 bedroom apartment. We explained to him later about the house we rented and headed out to the house for some fun!

 Of course you've got to have some ridiculous birthday bling. It was at this lunch that Ashton got to announce that his mom and dad were expecting a BABY!! A serious blessing for these guys!

 A cold one for the old one!
 The house was lovely! There were 4 bedrooms and a big living room. a tiny kitchen and...
 Lots of random dead animals on the wall. The kids weren't too sure about them for a while and Carter told one of them to stop looking at him! HAHA!

 There was a pool table and air hockey and foosball table in the house and we all sat around and hit a balloon around like the Reed's always do. It was so great being together and just having fun! We had wanted to hit up Zions national park but with it being a holiday we didn't want to hit big crowds.
 So we decided to get up at the CRACK of dawn and be at the park entrance by 6 AM! I wasn't too sure it was a great idea but as soon as we got there I was SO glad we came early. There was hardly anyone there and no lines to wait in at all for the shuttles.
 The kids were really excited about going on some hikes..
 as were the adults!
 Grandpa and Bri sported matching superman/girl shirts for the occasion.
 We hoped on the shuttles and the views were BREATHTAKING! Oh it was so pretty and it kept getting prettier as the sun came up and reflected off the red rock.

 Carter holding up the mountain.
 These were fascinating to me. Not sure if it was man made or what but very straight and flat and intriguing.
 We got off at the last stop and started hiking. It was a peaceful and beautiful walk. And perfect for all the little legs we had with us.
 We stopped for several photo shoots along the way.

 My favorite shot of them all!!! Beautiful!!!
 G&G Reed did a great job and Mollie enjoyed hanging with them.
 The sibs!
 Kids loving not being buckled on the shuttle!
 When we got back and had some lunch mom and a few others decided to relax on the grass so a few of us could get another short hike in. It was VERY awesome and had several fun stair steps like this to go up.

 We made it to the 2nd emerald pools then turned around so we werent gone too long.
 This will by far be one of my favorite trips because it was just so relaxing! We had lots of down time to just rest and talk and I even took a nap while "Nanny' the goat watched over me.
 Later the kids got in the hot tub (yes it was 90 degrees outside) I don't think the heat was turned on though and I got to relax in a lawn chair again!

 Chad bought a toy to play with and we actually had alot of fun tossing the airplane back and forth.
 On sunday we went to the spanish branch with Tony and then walked around the temple for a bit and visited the visitors center.
 With all the scenery on the wall we got lots of fun shots like this!
 and this.
 Since Carter's birthday was right around the corner we had one evening where we got to celebrate him too! We had an ice cream cake and he got to open a few gifts.
 And since the family beautician was there i couldn't resist the opportunity to get Rylee's mullet cut off! It turned out SOOO cute! Thanks Brit!

Keep reading for where we went next!