Monday, April 30, 2018

Easiest potty training ever!....Almost

Well the time arrived that I felt like I wanted to get Ry potty trained before school was out. I stocked up on treats, salty food, juice boxes, and mom juice boxes (soda) for me. I pulled up my big girl panties, barred my teeth, and dove in! All my kids have been really hard and have had ZERO desire to train. So I was ready for the worst. It really took weeks of mental preparation. 

So imagine my surprise that within minutes of starting she had a success!! And then another and then another. She did not want to get off the potty! ( I couldn't keep my other kids on it!) 
 We played games, snacked on food, drank our juice boxes and really had some fun one on one time with all the kids in school. She trained in ONE DAY people. One day! She put panties on and never went back. She even came running to her potty from another room on the first day of training and plopped down and pooped! I was so shocked....NEVER has this ever happened with any children. They all run and hide usually. I thought, thats it, she's got it. We are done. She had one or 2 accidents over then next few days but, heck, my older kids sometimes have accidents too! So that was nothing.

 Then she realized going poop is not so fun. So now she holds it until night time. She is dry at night but that's when her body relaxes and it can come out. If anyone has dealt with this I'd love to know how you stopped it. She really is like clockwork. I have tried laxatives and they did nothing.

So for most of the early summer, if you drove by and saw a girl out riding bikes in her undies, that was Rylee! And really, I don't even care. She is doing SO well with potty training in general and changing one poopy pull up a night isn't a huge deal. I just figure when she's ready it'll happen. I'm just hopping sooner than later!!!!!!
Good Job RY RY! I'm so glad I got at least ONE kid who was mostly easy to potty train! Thanks for taking it easy on your old mom! LOVE YOU!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Baptism dress shopping!

After visiting Temple Square, I had the idea to get Mollie's baptism pics done while it was so beautiful there. (Which we did and are INCREDIBLE!) More later.... but I wanted to make a fun day of it and so we went to Bliss and shopped til we dropped. 
It was really fun seeing her light up as she looked at each dress. She wanted it to have sparkles and that we mostly her only requirement. She tried on several and we all oohed and ahhed in the dressing room. 
 And in the end, this is the one she picked! Not many sparkles, but just a few around the waist. It is so beautiful and was happy with how quick she picked it out.

 Of course we had to find some accessories, so off to Claire's we went! And these cute unicorns were there!
 After the shopping was done it was time for a treat. DQ shakes it was!!

 And we can't go to this mall and NOT ride the train....and since it was supposed to be a fun day, I caved and let it happen.

 On the way out there was a fun emoji game on the wall (whatever happened to your basic 'put a quarter in the merry go round or arcade game?')

It was such a fun day and I can't wait for her to be baptized!!! Love spending time with my girls!

Friday, April 20, 2018

A date worth documenting!

Chad and I went on a date to celebrate him  being done working three 80 hour work weeks! We wanted something fancier, but not gross, or excessively expensive...but we could not decide WHAT! We are the worst at we drove passed Tepanyaki we decided that was the place. Dinner and a show? Why not. We (maybe just me) were a little nervous at trying a new place because when it comes to eating out we are NOT adventurous! 

It was totally incredible watching these chefs get our order perfectly right at a table of 10 people. Their precision and talent in cooking is incredible to watch. 

 And the food??? Well lets just say WE WILL BE BACK!! It was SO yummy and everything was cooked perfectly.

 Chad even caught a shrimp in his mouth!
I'm glad we ventured out and tried something new and that it was such a positive, fun experience! Love you dear!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Field Trip time!

I'm always glad I get to go on field trips with my kids. I really think its one thing that strengthens bonds and relationships. We were off the the Natural Curiosity Museum! I was just as excited as the kids because we haven't gone yet!
They really have some cool exhibits and everything is hands on. There's even a water room where they can just make a mess. It was super fun!

 And its fun seeing Carter in his element with his friends. He is such a fun kid! And I'm so glad he is liked by so many. The best thing about Carter is that he does not care to follow a crowd. He paves his own path...and while that path may be through the bushes and upside down, it is always straight and he holds his values high. I love that he is confident enough to not care what others think. That is such a great quality to have. Especially in school. I'm so proud of the person he is becoming.

 Later that night, there was a Portuguese performance. It is always a TREAT to see what they have learned and hear them say lines and sing songs! How blessed are we to have this incredible opportunity in our schools!!!

Love you Carter man! I hope the many random hugs and 'I love you's' never stop!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Baby Roman comes to visit!

My brother, Tony, had lots of leave from work since they had just had a baby boy and wanted to venture down for a visit!! I text him this picture the day before they came just double checking that he still wanted to come....they live in St. George and every time they plan an Idaho visit, it snows! This was a little more like hail,but thankfully it was all gone by they time they got here. 
We could not wait to meet our new nephew/cousin baby Roman! Oh he is such a handsome little thing and for a little bit, I missed the baby stage. (Don't worry, it quickly left)

 But man I LOVED snuggling with him.  Tony and Monse make good lookin kids!

 Tay and Jord heard Tony was coming up and so they came down for the day for a quick visit and to meet Roman.

 And of course it was SO good to see Ashton. He is growing and changing SO much! We love having him in our home when they get to come. The kids all play so well.

 And my girls could NOT get enough of Baby Ro-Ro as we nick named him. They were constantly begging to hold him .
 But I played the mom card and got to hold him lots too. Oh...i DO miss that little under the chin snug!
 After church we decided to venture in and show T&M Temple Square at this time of year. IT. IS. GORGEOUS!
 Bri was such a ham and loved smelling all the flowers she could.

 She was in a particularly silly mood and all the pictures have her posing something like this. Don't know where she even got that!

 LOVE this pic of a dad and his girl. <3 p="">

 Here's the gang!

I always feel so blessed to have this historical temple so close to us and that we can visit it whenever we want and still feel the influence of the temple even if we don't go in. I hope our kids will always have a love for the temple and have a desire to go there often. It is the BEST place to be.