Thursday, March 30, 2017

Carnival Cruise Part QUATRO

After one last good by party and a fun Rock Concert it was time to say good bye to our beautiful ship. This party was fun to see. All the staff came down and we got to clap for them. It's incredible how many people it takes to run a ship and we are grateful for them! 
 The last show was lots of fun! Mostly because I got to stay in my comfy chair and enjoy it! They did a great job with the Rock songs.

 Goodbye to Alex! He was part of what made the cruise fun. His job is not easy being everywhere at once and always being upbeat and energetic but he was awesome. And since we were like family by the end of the cruise I had to score a selfie with him. He explained to us on the way out that they had about 2 hours before the next cruise started and people would begin to board! What a crazy busy life he has!

 We woke up back at the port in Long beach and waited a good hour in line to get off the ship. We were tired but happy. I easily could have spent a few more days on board. 3 days is too short! But I knew what we had waiting for us at home.
 Good bye Imagination! Until next time! Thanks for keeping us safe, happy and full. And for the once in a life time experiences. We WILL be back!
 We were able to catch an earlier flight home to see our sweet babes but we flew into a SNOW STORM of course and the turbulence was awful! Like bounce off your seat into the persons lap next to you BAD! The pilot kept trying descend but would rise again to try a different spot I guess. It was so bumpy and it was the first time I got motion sick. The poor man next to me I thought was going to die. He was huffing and puffing and gripping the seat and that was making more nervous than anything! When we landed everyone on board clapped and cheered. Thank heavens! Then we stepped out of the airport into sideways blowing snow. :( Can we go back now?

The huge hugs we got when we walked through the door were priceless and just what I needed to ground me again. It was a little difficult adjusting back to our schedules for everyone but we did it. We are so grateful to the Farris family and to Chad's parents for making this trip possible. It was a much needed get away and I'm so glad we went! I love that I had FOUR straight days of no interruptions, schedules or pick-up/drop-offs. It was just us. Getting to enjoy each others company and fall in love all over again. Love you Chad. Thanks for making it all happen!

The next day was spent just like this. She wouldn't leave me alone at all and always wanted held. Which I was ok with. While I felt completely rested and refreshed there wasn't much else I'd rather be doing.

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