Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finally some good weather!

When the weather finally started turning a corner we were itching to get out and be outside! Chad and I were also asked to be a Ma & Pa on the stake trek this year. So we had to break in our new shoes and find a few hikes to take our trek family on. Yes there's still snow up in our mountains but it was so refreshing to get out in nature! One reason I like where we live is this right here! Hiking and camping in my back yard!
 We took the kids along for a short hike and they all loved being outside too.
 And with warm weather comes the annual water balloon fight waiting for dad as soon as he pulled int he driveway! These kids! They orchestrated this all on their own and had a whole bowl of balloons filled up before I was even out of bed!  As you can see,  the kids got the worse end of it all!

 Come on nice weather! We are itching for you to be here!!!!

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