Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rylee is TWO!!

We were anxious to return from trek to see our kids but especially because we missed our 2 year olds birthday! Mom watched them for 2 days and Jordan and Taylor watched them for the last 2 days and so we raced to pocatello to shower and pick up our kids and head to Rylee's party! Jord and Tay and G&G Reed and Chelseys family came!
 Rylees fav food is PIZZA and she gobbled 2 slices of costco pizza right down!
 Then we opened presents and she was very excited!
 Before this was even all the way open she said POPPY, TROLLS!

 She loves Minnie Mouse so that was the theme of her party and really wasnt too thrilled with the Minnie Mouse outfit. one month later she still wont put it on. oh well.
i talked Taylor into making some cupcakes for me and she was a sport and said she'd do it. They turned out adorable! 
 I really can't believe we are out of the baby stage really! It's strange and awesome at the same time. She is mostly happy and we always get comments about her blonde hair, Her favorite things are Tine Tines (Baby Einstines) eatsa (pizza), cereal and milk, minnie, and swinging. She still carries her "chi" (blankie) around and still sucks her thumb! (We are working on that one,) She has a little attitude and will tell you NO with much enthusiasm accompanied by a growly face. But oh she is sweet and still loves to snuggle and will bring a smile to anyones face. We love you little Ry bug. You are the sweetest!

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