Monday, August 28, 2017

End of Summer shenanigans

We said all summer we were going to get a tramp so we figured with one week left of summer we better make good on our promise! The kids were so excited and have absolutely loved it! They jump on it almost every evening and Rylee is probably the most obsessed with it. She thinks it's hers and doesn't want to share. No broken bones yet!

 I came home one summer day to beebee holes in my door and flag door decoration. I asked our neighbors to check their surveillance video and she agreed. When she came home from work she saw a box of beebees right by the door and knew immediately who had done it. Her sons are a little shenanigan-ish. and they both came over to appologize. They promised us a new door but they moved today (9-16-17) and we never saw a new door. Oh well. I'm just happy they are gone.
 There's been lots of sprinkler under the tramp days! Expecially since our neighbors also got a trampoline and so they bounce back and forth from house to house.
 Just another summer morning in Tooele!
 And this was a super fun day with a bunch of neighbor kids over to swim. I had to capture the time hop as they all jumped from the wall! Their faces and laughter were the best to hear! Goodbye summer! You've been so good to us! Again, I felt like we didn't squeeze in enough fun and start to panic the last week before school, but then I have to remind myself that we had a wonderful summer and I'm ready for a routine!!! Hooray for school!

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